Online Payments

Saabsoft Consultants is an expert developer of custom online payment systems using payment providers like WorldPay, Paypal and Google Checkout. Setting up an on-line shop to sell physical goods has become very easy – there are many off-the-shelf server products available which just need to be configured. But these products tend to be quite focused on the shopping cart approach. If your business requirements don't fit this model, most off-the-shelf systems won't be suitable.

Common examples of such requirements include:

  • Service-based businesses selling on a subscription model.
  • Businesses with special reseller and agent models that need to account for all sales made by such resellers/agents.
  • Sites which sell digital properties (software, documents, music) which need a special licensing process.

In fact, most online businesses which are not specifically selling physical products will probably require some level of custom purchasing support. Once you've identified that your business needs an online payment system, what next? Surely you can get your web developer to integrate WorldPay / PayPal / Google Checkout? In fact, integration with these services is not hugely complex, although it's never quite as easy as the providers claim.

The problem is that these services generally provide only the core function of processing the card payment, but real businesses need much more – online purchasing like any other sale needs to be integrated with the accounting function. In addition, online sales opens up other possibilities, such as international sales, which can complicate the accounting process.
A summary of the issues that companies face when integrating online payment provision is presented below – of course, we're very happy to provide customers with advice on these issues.