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If marketing creates and satisfies demand, digital marketing drives the creation of demand using the power of the Internet, and satisfies this demand in new and innovative ways.

The Internet is an interactive medium. It allows for the exchange of currency, but more than that, it allows for the exchange of value. A business on the Internet can gain value in the form of time, attention and advocacy from the consumer. For the user, value can be added in the form of entertainment, enlightenment and utility; content marketing is one powerful way to create value. Saabsoft company provides Digital Marketing Services in Dubai, UAE; Serving MENA Region. Our Digital Marketing experts identify and deliver best-in-class services in Digital Marketing .

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Our Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Targeting and segmentation

A company’s online customers have different demographic characteristics, needs and behaviours to its offline customers. It follows that different approaches to segmentation may be required and specific segments may need to be selectively targeted though specific content and messaging on your site or elsewhere on the web. This capability for “micro-targeting is one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing . Specific targeting approaches to apply online include: demographic, value-based, lifecycle and behavioural personalisation.

2. Positioning

We position your online products and services in the customers by reinforcing your core proposition. proving your credibility by defining your online value proposition. We define key messages for different audiences, e.g. prospects against existing customers, segments with different value.

3. Proposition and the marketing mix

We consider the digital marketing mix by providing differential value to customers through varying the 4Ps online through Product, Price, Promotion and Place and adding value through service.

4. Brand strategy

Gaining 'street cred' online is now paramount to success. We know how and where doing that - brand favourability follows credibility and trust - We understand the reasons to make audience engaging with your brand, increasing click through rate and how to demonstrate your brand credibility online.

5. Online presence

This includes your own Web site strategy (one site or four, sub-domains, what are the site goals and how will they be achieved...) and priorities for social presences. Our digital marketing radar helps you prioritise your online presence to reach and engage your audience.

6. Content and engagement strategy

We will craft the content that will feature to gain initial interest, support the buying process (text and rich media product content and tools) and stickiness and to promote return visits (blogs and community). Considering user-generated content too, such as reviews, ratings and comments. We will prioritise content types and ensure to devote sufficient resource to it to create quality content which helps you compete.

7. Digital channel acquisition strategy

We consider how to drive visitors through Online channels, offline media and integrated campaigns.
Our traffic acquisition strategy would include:
1. Search engine marketing (organic and paid)
2. Social media marketing and Online PR (brand strategy)
3. Display advertising
4. Email marketing to leads database
5. Partner and affiliate marketing

8. Social media marketing strategy

We would argue that social media marketing is part of a broader customer engagement strategy plus brand, acquisition, conversion and retention strategies, but many organisations are grappling with how they get value from this, so we help organisations to develop an overall social media marketing strategy.

Our Digital Marketing Services

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Search Engine Optimization

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Content Marketing

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Paid Search & PPC Management

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Social Media Marketing

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Email Marketing Services

Automated email campaigns are a great way to boost sales and brand awareness.Saabsoft is staffed with email marketing and automation specialists...

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