Target Audience Analysis

Studying the target audience is the basis for successful product promotion

Studying the target audience is allowing you to set up targeting as accurately as possible, personalize the content of the site or mobile application. The result of this analysis is a portrait of the target audience, which includes age and social status, interests, information resources visited by the audience, consumer habits and behavior, anxiety, fears, etc. Saabsoft company offers Target Audience Analysis services in Dubai, UAE to help organizations Knowing its audience, so the business can offer a product or service that can cover the needs of customers and brand advertising will hit the target.

Saabsoft is the best company in the Target Audience Analysis Services in Dubai, UAE

Why choose us?


Saabsoft's employees are regularly certified by Google and confirm their qualifications for working with audience analysis tools such as Google Analytics in addition to our custom analytics tools. But we are not limited to standard audience analytics systems, but use a wide range of tools.

Immersion in the client's business

We immerse ourselves in the customer's business and study how the buyer decides which promotion channels are suitable at each stage of the sales funnel, select appropriate creatives. We also study what possible target audiences are not covered by the company's commercial offer.


We analyze the target audience for segmentation according to a variety of criteria (from social characteristics to RFM) and develop a strategy for working with each segment. We are also always ready to adapt to changes on the client side and adapt a well-thought-out digital strategy to the new needs of the client.

Rich experience

We have been engaged in integrated digital marketing for many years. We have not only a lot of experience, but also diverse. Among our clients are market leaders who have entrusted us with working with their audience. We work with business in a variety of niches, understand the specifics of industries and know where to find your target audience.

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