Research Services

Research helps to determine the points of brand growth in the market and individual promotion channels

We conduct research on any markets, competitors and consumers, which helps us and customers to track market trends and changes in consumer demand. We research targeted and contextual advertising, social networks, evaluate sites of any subject and many other channels in dynamics. All this helps to understand how effectively brands use marketing tools online and what needs to be improved. Saabsoft is a market research company based in Dubai, UAE serving brand growth by conducting research systematically using a representative sample.

Saabsoft is s Research Services Company in Dubai, UAE

Our Research Services

Brand Health Research

In terms of its perception by consumers and the effectiveness of communications, find growth points and adjust positioning...

Analysis Of Brand Competitors

The presence of such information gives an idea of your position in the digital environment and suggests what growth points your company has...

Target Audience Analysis

Studying the target audience is allowing you to set up targeting as accurately as possible, personalize the content of the site or mobile application...

Testing Of Design and Concept

A comprehensive assessment of the design, concept and name makes it possible to make the site or mobile application convenient and attractive to users...

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