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Social media marketing that amplifies your brand

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for companies and brands looking to increase exposure. Saabsoft takes a customized, data-driven approach to social media to ensure you reach only your most relevant audience members through the channels that matter to them. Saabsoft company provides professional Social Media Marketing Services and Social Media Management Services in Dubai - UAE; serving MENA region. We focus on developing a strategy that truly moves the needle, backed by a team with a solid technical experience in digital marketing and marketing automation .

Social Media Marketing Services, Social Media Management Services in Dubai - UAE

The Benefits of Social Media

As audiences continue to shift online, having a social media presence is essential. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are interwoven in our daily lives and consumers today expect their brands to be on social media. Having an effective social media strategy can enhance your brand's reputation, drive traffic to your site, and facilitate real-time customer feedback.

Social Media Strategy

If you aren't sure where to begin, creating a solid social media strategy is key. We look at your organization and your company as a whole to identify the correct channels that make the largest impact and develop engaging campaigns. This creates a winning strategy that will put your social media presence on the right path to success.

Social Media Management

Grow your organic social media presence with smart social media tactics. Our team will assist with all aspects of social media management across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more to create an informed strategy from the ground up. We'll analyze and identify your target audience, develop content that cuts through the noise, and build and maintain a social media calendar for consistent engagement.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Our paid social media advertising tactics are designed to drive profitable results. By taking an analytical approach, we create hyper-targeted paid social campaigns that reach the users who are most likely to convert. Through A/B testing techniques, content creation, and sophisticated audience segmentation tactics, we will ensure your campaigns are effective.

Social Listening

As with any marketing strategy, we start with your target audience. That’s why Social media marketing starts with listening. This is key to creating a successful social strategy. Whether you’re paying attention or not, people are talking about you and reaching out to you on the social web. They’re sharing their experiences with your products. They’re talking about the things you’re saying or doing. They’re even asking you questions.

Our Goals of Social Listening are to:
• Track public perception of your brand.
• Identify the topics you need to be talking about.
• Keep a pulse on the industry, where it’s going, how it’s being perceived.
• Perform customer research.
• Conduct competitive research.

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing in Dubai - UAE, Social Media Management in Dubai - UAE
Social Media Marketing, Saabsoft company provides social media marketing services in Dubai - UAE

Social Influencing

At this stage, our aim is to lead and direct your followers’ opinions, attitudes, and behaviors. And since you’ve been listening, it’s relatively easy. You already know the trending topics and conversations taking place, so adding your authority voice is the natural next step.

This stage of the success cycle is influenced by the social listening. But the reality is that you’ll continue listening at every stage. In fact, once the cycle is going, you’ll perform every stage every day.

Goals for Social Influencing
• Increase engagement with your brand and your content.
• Start conversations around the topics related to your business.
• Boost traffic to your site.
• Build awareness of your products and offers.
• Grow your retargeting list.

Social Networking

It’s at this stage of the social cycle that you connect with other influencers and authorities and begin to move the needle. Social networking is important for all businesses, whether you’re just getting started, scaling, or expanding into new markets.

It may help to think of social networking as a live event—except your interactions are online rather than face-to-face. After all, networking is networking, no matter where (or how) it happens. And it can lead to deep and lasting relationships, both with your followers and potential partners.

Goals for Social Networking
• Share content that fills gaps left from your own content.
• Create good will with brands that are similar to yours.
• Over time, transform that good will into profitable partnerships.

Social Media Management, Saabsoft company provides social media management services in Dubai - UAE
Social Media Marketing services, Social Media marketing company in Dubai, Social Media Marketing company in UAE

Social Selling

The fourth and final stage of the social success cycle is social selling. This is where social media marketing gets interesting. Finally, after listening to your prospects, building authority in your space, and establishing a strong network, you can start putting your offers in front of people—and converting them..

The short answer is funnels. But we’ll use multiple channels for getting people into those funnels, from blogging to retargeting to pay-per-click advertising.

Goals for Social Selling
• Generate leads to grow your email list.
• Acquire new customers and upsell/cross-sell existing customers.
• Increase buyer frequency, turning one-time customers into raving fans.

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