Analysis Of Brand Competitors

Competitive analysis helps to find out what tools and to what extent your market rivals use

The presence of such information gives an idea of your position in the digital environment and suggests what growth points your company has. Our analysis is suitable for online stores of various topics, pharmaceutical industry, business products, real estate services, automotive and financial topics, as well as anyone who wants to know how much money your competitors spend on advertising, what they do online and how your overall target audience reacts to their advertising activity. Saabsoft company offers Analysis Of Brand Competitors in Dubai, UAE by studying Competitors' experience that will help you avoid their mistakes and build the most effective marketing strategy.

Saabsoft is the best company in Analysis Of Brand Competitors Services in Dubai, UAE

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Basic analysis of competitors

Let's analyze the attendance and behavioral metrics of sites. We will select a list of sites that your target audience visits. Let's see from what sources traffic to sites has come over the past year. Let's evaluate how quickly the mobile version of the site loads for you and your competitors. We will make a description of the target audience of your company and competitors.

Optimal analysis of competitors

We will conduct a basic competitive analysis, as well as provide data on the split budgets of competitors in the context of advertising tools for the last year (contextual advertising, social networks, programmatic, etc.) and devices (desktop, mobile).

Advanced analysis of competitors

To the optimal analysis, we will add a detailed analysis of the advertising split of competitors in dynamics for all instruments in total, as well as separately provide a dynamics for each instrument separately for the year - Internet Banners, Press, Radio, TV. We will analyze their advertising creatives, assess knowledge about the brand and make a detailed portrait of the target audience (gender, age, occupation, geography, marital status).

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