Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation systems offer companies a wide range of possibilities

It is possible to reach out to prospects using multi-channel communication including e- mails, text messages, audio and video messages, and, finally, through social media or websites, which generate content in the most dynamic way. A typical marketing automation system offers a number of functionalities with reference to both monitoring and reacting to the behaviour of leads.

Saabsoft company provides professional Marketing Automation Services in Dubai - UAE; serving MENA region. The growing interest in marketing automation seems to be indicative of the appearance of an entirely new area of marketing activities. The new possibilities are shifting customer communication towards one-to-one contacts, validating the contribution that the marketing department makes to a company's value.

Saabsoft company offers the best marketing automation Services in Dubai, UAE

Our Marketing Automation Strategies

Acquiring quality sales leads

Marketing Automation software allows tracking a prospect's behaviour on the net and makes it possible to say how the website was reached by a given prospect, which content has generated the greatest interest and what information, product or services are sought by the prospect. This information enables constructing a relevant offer, whose goal is to attract a prospect's interest and induce them to give their contact data.

Lead segmentation

Marketing automation processes analyse customer information in terms of customer interests, demographics, or the readiness to close the transaction, taking into account the individual character of customer needs and expectations. This analysis yields personalized customer data used to design an advertising message which is better tailored to an individual customer's needs and expectations.

Running effective advertising campaigns centred around relationship marketing

At the heart of relationship marketing is creating and nourishing a reciprocal bond with current and prospective customers. With high numbers of customers maintaining individualised customer relationships may pose a real challenge. Marketing automation tools enables marketers to precisely identify needs of individual customer, eliminating the risk of mistake and bringing significant time and work savings.

Effective cross-selling and up-selling

Both cross- and up-selling processes can be streamlined by using marketing automation software which provides quick access to prospect databases and helps construct personalized offers.

Precise measurement of the effectiveness of marketing activity and ROMI

Marketing automation tools enable a more accurate measurement of an advertising campaign's effectiveness and a better estimation of the return on the marketing investment. Marketing automation software can be used for example to calculate sales lead acquisition costs, number of prospects converted to leads and sales as well as to measure the effectiveness of individual marketing channels and website content attractiveness. Analysis of the data obtained helps optimize marketing activity by modifying or terminating less effective campaigns and introducing improved solutions.

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