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Our software development services are tailored to deliver value for your business. From simple software implementation to complete redesigns, we bring multiple teams together to build a solution that works for you. Software development projects and its support is a complex and time-consuming process that is necessary not only to increase conversion, but also to solve business problems.

Saabsoft Company provides best-in-class service in Software Development in Dubai, UAE; Serving MENA region. We provide a full range of services for creating software projects of varying complexity: from a corporate business to a large-scale projects with a large number of integrations with internal and external business systems.

Our Development Agile Process

Software Development Services in Dubai - UAE, Software Development Company

Our Software Development Process

1. Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering is usually the first part of any software product. This stage starts when thinking about developing software. In this phase, we conduct a meeting with our customers, analyzing market requirements and features that are in demand.

2. Writing Functional Specifications

Functional specifications may consist of one or more documents. Functional specification documents show the behavior or functionality of a software product on an abstract level. Assuming the product is a black box, the functional specifications define its input/output behavior. Functional specifications are based upon the product requirements documentation put forward by people who have contact with the end-user of the product or the customers.

3. Creating Architecture and Design Documents

When we have all of the requirements collected and arranged, it is the turn of our technical architecture team, consisting of highly qualified technical specialists, to create the architecture of the product. The architecture defines different components of the product and how they interact with each other. In many cases the architecture also defines the technologies used to build the product.

4. Implementation and Coding

Our software developers take the design documents and development tools (editors, compilers, debuggers etc.) and start writing software. This is usually the longest phase in the product life cycle. Each developer has to write his/her own code and collaborate with other developers to make sure that different components can interoperate with each other.

5. Testing

Testing is probably the most important phase for long-term support as well as for the reputation of the company. If we don’t control the quality of the software, it will not be able to compete with other products on the market.

6. Software Releases

We create a state of the software in our repository, make sure that it has been tested for functionality and freeze the code. A version number is assigned to released software. After releasing the software, development may continue but it will not make any change in the released software. The development is usually carried on in a new branch and it may contain new features of the product. The released software is updated only if a bug fixed version is released.

7. Documentation

There are three broad categories of documentation related to software development processes.
1. Technical documentation developed during the development process. This includes architecture, functional and design documents.
2. Technical documentation prepared for technical support staff. This includes technical manuals that support staff use to provide customer support.
3. End-user manuals and guides. This is the documentation for the end user to assist the user getting started with the product and using it.

8. Support and New Features

We provide our customers with best support required as better support will increase our customer loyalty and will create referral business for us.

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