Brand Health Research

Brand health research will help to determine the company's position in the market

In terms of its perception by consumers and the effectiveness of communications, find growth points and adjust positioning. Saabsoft company offers brand health research and analysis in Dubai, UAE which includes the study of brand recognition, customer loyalty, experience of shopping and interaction with the company and customer attachment.

Saabsoft is the best company in Brand Health Research Services in Dubai, UAE

Why choose us?

Rich experience

We give recommendations for brand promotion based on our experience in the field of digital marketing. Our specialists know how to work with reviews, know how to improve your image and positioning, offer you a solution to a problem of any complexity and tell you how to build a successful business online.

Business tasks come first

Work on the brand image and its perception in the mind of the target audience should solve specific business problems and work on financial indicators. That's why the work begins with their clear formulation.

Indicators Monitoring

Our specialists have experience in promoting the largest projects that are known to every user, and know how important brand health indicators are in the long term. We work with large customers, constantly monitor the results and implement our own recommendations for improving customer relations.


We always work closely with customer specialists, look for expert information and dive deep into the topic. In our work, we use in-depth interviews, consumer opinion polls, as well as social media monitoring programs, with the help of which we analyze in detail the attitude of consumers to the brand and its competitors.

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