Technical Strategy Services

Defining the technical requirements to craft a project

Our strategy process begins with an in-depth technical analysis. This technical strategy service provides analysis and direction from a skilled and experienced Enterprise Architect. We will establish a high-level understanding of your current state, needs, priorities, and the desired future course. These findings will be combined with our experience and research to advise on the organization’s strategic direction for technical initiatives, short and long term.

Our Technical Strategy Process

Technical Analysis & Strategic Planning

We want to understand how your website, software, and third party tools work together before beginning any technical project. Our team takes a deep look at your current technical state to develop a solution that fits within your requirements.

Platform Analysis & Selection

When looking to redesign or redevelop your website, proper platform selection is a must. At Saabsoft we work with the leading content management platforms and have extensive knowledge to guide you in the right direction.

Integration Analysis

When done successfully, software integrations can streamline operations across your website and your entire business as a whole. Before connecting any of your third party tools, we assess all of the technical connection points needed to ensure clean data flow.

Implementation Roadmap

Once all of the technical requirements are defined, our team documents an implementation roadmap that will guide the entire project. This development documentation allows us to build a solution that meets your objectives.

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